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Sidney "Dr. Dance" Grant
Founder & Executive/Artistic Director

“After all the isolation and ‘disconnect’ that children and families experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic, the unique ways in which we ‘connect’ classmates with one another is perhaps more important than ever before. Parents & educators continue to praise the ways in which the poise & politeness we impart to schoolchildren positively impacts their social/emotional learning. And because our methodology is non-competitive and inclusive, every child is a winner just for participating — regardless of popularity, ability or identity. Furthermore, considering all the conflict in our country, nothing is more noble than harmonizing relations among young people in their schools, and communities.”



Zoe Julich
Senior Teaching Artist
Curriculum & Council Relations Manager

"I believe the future will be an even better place by giving kids the tools to become self aware and to value and respect their health and their relationships with all others. Partner dancing helped me learn those lessons in a profound way, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to share what I have learned!"


Alfredo Melendez
Teaching Artist/Program Module Manager

"I have been teaching partner dancing to students of all ages for 20 years. Most of my most cherished memories involve my work with school-aged kids. It’s funny, I have a BFA in film and that knowledge has helped me greatly with dancing.  Knowing that BALLROOM BASIX™ focuses on empowering students in a safe non-competitive space makes it one that I am very proud to be a part of.”


Selena Carabello
Outreach & Special Projects Manager

 “A decade ago, I was at a low point of my life and needed to find myself again. Dance unlocked a part of me that I suppressed many years ago. Dance is our personal self-expression. Imagine what kids can do if given the opportunity to learn about dance and other cultures, social skills, and the tools to boost their self-esteem. The opportunities are endless.”

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Lynn Koehler
Finance & Operations Manager

Bio coming soon!

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Rikki Ziegelman
Media Manager

"When I was in elementary school, being rejected from my school’s competitive ballroom dance team was a defining moment for me- even over 15 years later. It is extremely fulfilling to know that BALLROOM BASIX USA is dedicated to including all students and not pinning them against each other!"


Azura Ramsay
Program Coordinator

"The beauty of BALLROOM BASIX is that it makes dance accessible to young communities that without the program would not be able to experience how impactful dance can be. BBX is able to transfer the skills that are found in a regular dance studio into important life skills for all students."


Amanda Armenteros
Teaching Artist

“Partner dance is something new to me in my dance career and I am entirely grateful that I get to learn about it with a program whose core mission is to use it for the benefit of the city youth. 


Mary DiMauro
Teaching Artist

"Working at BBX has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life. Seeing students grow and connect with each other through partner dancing is amazing. 


Sandra Costa

“Helping others has always been a passion for me and working at a nonprofit organization brings me gratification.”


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Owen Carmody
Teaching Apprentice


Constanza Soto
Teaching Apprentice


Marisa Caputo
Teaching Apprentice


Teaching Apprentice



Patricia Ann Reubens
Board of Directors

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Bernard Whitman
Board of Directors

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Vivek Sakhrani

Board of Directors


Selena Lai-Carabello
Board of Directors


Talia Castro-Pozo
Board of Directors

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Kenny George
Board of Directors


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Avi Ofrane
Advisory Board


Juliette Passer
Advisory Board


Sheron Davis
Advisory Board

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Steve Wruble
Advisory Board

Dana Northcraft.jpg

Dana Northcraft
Advisory Board

Yelena Patish.jpg

Yelena Patish
Advisory Board


Dr. Susan Kinsey
Advisory Board

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