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Selena Lai-Caraballo
 Outreach & Special Projects Manager

Selena was born and raised in NYC.  She is Chinese-American of Cantonese desent. Her and her husband live happily in the Bronx with their two spoiled tuxedo cats.

Selena Lai-Caraballo has over 20 years of experience in Management, 18 years of which is in Operations with a specialization in Client Services.


Selena is also very passionate about dance. She started taking dancing lessons and classes in her adulthood nine years ago, and has become an avid Rhythms dancer. It all started with one Salsa class, and now she dances New York Style Mambo, Salsa On1, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, and Social Cha-Cha. She also dances Afro-Cuban Folkloric, African Contemporary, and Modern Contemporary. All it took was some inspiration and determination.

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